Fraud prevention in the contact centre

Prevent fraud in the contact centre by identifying suspicious calls before you answer

Key benefits

Reduce financial loss

Protect your contact centre from fraud loss by accurately identifying suspicious callers before they speak with an agent or enter the IVR. Flag and divert suspicious calls in real-time, so you can route them to specialist teams for additional scrutiny.

Improve customer experience

Authenticate customers pre-answer, enabling you to reduce your reliance on knowledge based authentication questions and create a frictionless caller experience.

Reduce operational costs

Shorten the time taken to authenticate genuine callers, so you can reduce average hold times, agent call duration, and also move trusted callers to self-service options in the IVR.

Protection from day one

Rapidly strengthen fraud defences with a cloud-based implementation with real-time updates from known fraudsters flagged by other organisations.

Typical contact centre fraud risks

IVR fraud

Fraudsters use the IVR to validate customer information, such as recent transactions, which is then used to conduct fraud through other channels.

Voice biometric registration

Fraudsters register their voice print to access a genuine customer’s account.

‘Catch-and-release’ fraud

Fraudsters contact the bank to clear blocked fraudulent payments.

Customer call-back

Ineffective processes to verify a customer’s call because of a lack of trust of the caller ID.

Cross channel fraud attacks

Fraud detection platforms don’t include flags from the telephony channel so cannot detect cross channel attacks.

SIM swap and fraudulent ports

Fraudsters gain control of genuine customers’ phone number to bypass two-factor authentication.

of fraud involves the contact centre.

Smartnumbers Protect

Preventing fraud in the contact centre by identifying fraudulent calls before you answer.

How much can your contact centre save?

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