Secure, seamless caller authentication

Enhance security processes and customer experience in your contact centre with safe, frictionless authentication before a call is answered.

Putting customer experience at the heart of authentication

Almost all contact centres require caller authentication. But current processes are often complicated, requiring customers to remember lots of details. Smartnumbers speeds up the customer journey by identifying calls from genuine customers before they are answered.

Understanding contact centre challenges

Poor customer experience

More security questions due to increased fraud disrupt the customer journey.

Outdated processes

Legacy tools and processes offer a partial solution leading to longer waiting times.

Security vulnerabilities

Fraudsters are better at passing knowledge based authentication (KBAs) than genuine customers.

High authentication failures

The complexity of current security methods mean genuine customers often fail authentication.

Increase in remote interactions

More people calling contact centres puts more pressure on agents to spot anomalies.

Social engineering

Poor phone security alongside an increase in social engineering of call centre agents is making fraud easier across all channels.

Caller authentication with Smartnumbers

Smartnumbers offers a cloud-hosted platform that streamlines the caller authentication process. The platform authenticates callers and assigns a risk score by examining caller behaviour, analysing call signalling patterns and checking our database for known fraudsters flagged by other customers. This helps contact centres:


  • Remove drawn out security questioning to quickly authenticate legitimate customers 
  • Detect and manage high risk callers separately
  • Improve customer experience for low risk callers by reducing Average Handling Time (AHT)
  • Increase potential for using self-service in the IVR
  • Improve agent wellbeing and output

Simplify authentication. Remove friction for your genuine customers

Is your caller a legitimate customer?

Determine caller legitimacy with in-depth examination of call signalling data and caller behaviour – including withheld or spoofed numbers.

Streamlined authentication

Detection of authentic callers with our Network CLI/ANI analysis to confirm identity.

Assign caller risk score

A caller risk score helps authenticate legitimate customers quicker. Low-risk scores signify trusted callers.

Enhance IVR containment

More personalised, self-service capabilities for customers using IVR to ensure better service delivery.

Integrate into your current ecosystem

Flexible APIs enable easy integration with your current technology ecosystem to maximise your investment.

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