Inbound call management

Complete call management ensures you never miss a call again

Key Benefits

Enhance business continuity

Pre-define alternative routing of calls in the event of a failure, outage or adverse event, setting parameters about where calls will automatically be diverted in different scenarios. And, for added peace of mind, automatically reroute incoming calls when a failure is detected.

Stay in control

Gain complete management of your incoming calls, so you can instantly divert calls or override contingency plans from wherever you are.

Nuisance call protection

Instant protection from nuisance and repeat callers overwhelming your phone lines even if they are spoofing or withholding their number.

Real-time reports

Identify trends or unusual spikes in activity by having access to real-time statistics about your incoming calls. Create graphs and reports to investigate vulnerabilities in your network, so you can eliminate them, and ensure calls are always delivered.

“Smartnumbers provide a resilient service, which ensures that genuine life or death calls will always be received and answered.”
Alan Kench, Telecoms Officer, Northampton Borough Council/LGSS
Relocating the Callcare service
Northampton Borough Council
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“The Smartnumbers service, coupled with other resilience mechanisms, now means we are as disaster-proof as it is possible to be.”
Teri Seaber, Group Commander Joint Fire Control, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk Combined Fire Control
Virtually instant call re-routing to the cloud
Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service
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per minute the cost of downtime.

Smartnumbers Control

Providing enhanced business continuity to ensure you never miss a call, whatever the situation.
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