Prevent contact centre fraud, protect customers

Identifying high-risk callers before they reach the IVR or agent is key to spotting early signs of fraud.

Telephony fraud is only the tip of the iceberg

Contact centres are more vulnerable than you think: 61% of fraud involves the contact centre.

Telephony fraud, where a fraudster takes advantage of stolen personal details to access accounts and steal money by manipulating the IVR or call agent, is just one way contact centres can be hit by fraud. 

Other more common fraudulent activities involving the contact centre are less obvious and an early sign of further wider fraudulent activity. Fraudsters use the relative vulnerability of contact centres to validate stolen account data, harvest further information, or prepare an account for attack (for example by changing an address) before committing fraud in other channels. 

Regardless of how secure your other channels are, telephony is the weak link. This is why it is essential to protect contact centres in the fight against fraud.

Understanding the fraudster cycle


Gathering personal information on the target through the dark web, leaked data or social media.


Validation of information through calls to the IVR and agent to attempt to pass knowledge-based authentication.


Attack preparation includes changing PINs, login details and similar activities, often through social engineering of call centre agents.


Transfering money or items to an account controlled by the fraudster.


Utilising different money laundering techniques to move the funds elsewhere.


The fraudster finally capitalises on the illegal funds received.

We make contact centres more secure and efficient

Smartnumbers’ cloud-hosted platform helps prevent fraudsters from using contact centres to validate stolen information and access customer accounts.  

Our technology uses AI to analyse carrier-level signalling data and caller behaviour, and also checks all calls against our consortium database of confirmed fraudsters, to assign an overall risk score for each call. 

This will help you:

  • Spot signs of fraud and scams which could impact multiple channels (card, online & telephony)
  • Reduce Average Handling Time for calls by up to 1 minute and save costs
  • Mitigate contact centre fraud losses and ensure fraud savings for up to 8X ROI
  • Reduce risks related to privacy and cybersecurity while protecting the end customer
  • Protect your brand

Prevent fraud in real-time

Identify suspicious callers

Track typical fraudster behaviour to identify suspicious callers and spot new calls from known fraudsters.

Investigate caller behaviour

Look at risk markers, caller information and fraudster call histories to determine fraud risk.

Prioritise high-risk cases

Easily identify and prioritise calls that require further investigation.

Track fraudsters across organisations

Use the power of community to protect against confirmed fraudsters identified by consortium members.

Complete the full fraud picture

Provide central fraud systems with telephony risk indicators to give a complete overview of suspicious activity across the organisation.

Prevent future fraudulent activities

Create fraudster profiles to track prolific fraudsters. Smartnumbers uses feedback provided by your fraud team to adapt to changing fraudster behaviour.

Want to find out how Smartnumbers can help you?

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