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In the past two years, stores and offices have opened and closed their doors, with consumers unable to rely on physical channels to service their needs. Call centre managers have found their teams inundated by a wave of new customer enquiries. In response to this shift in customer behaviour, call centre operators have innovated, bringing […]
Over the last two years, along with the need for remote working, telephone contact centres across all industries have seen a significant increase in call volumes. Unfortunately, levels of fraudulent activity targeting contact centres have also increased, leading to a need for more robust defences and stronger customer authentication. Read our brand new eBook to […]
If you think PINs or “challenge questions” are the right way to authenticate callers, think again. Customers find these methods cumbersome, while fraudsters find them increasingly simple to defeat. Fortunately, the solution to this problem lies within the computers, signalling systems, switches and reporting systems that make those very calls possible. In this eBook, Matt […]
Fraudsters will abuse vulnerabilities to steal money and enrich themselves. These scammers continually look for new opportunities to perpetrate their crimes, flexing and adapting to the changing environment. Sometimes, preventing fraud can feel like an alarming version of the ‘whack-a-mole’ game – as soon as one control weakness is strengthened, another emerges for fraudsters to […]
More than 60% of fraud touches the contact centre at least once. It’s a pervasive problem that poses challenges for the frontline staff receiving calls, to the senior management team implementing technology and processes to prevent fraud from happening.  To help tackle this challenge, we’ve brought together some of the industry’s leading experts, brands and […]
With the impending PSTN and ISDN network switch off in 2025, now is the time to review your current voice architecture and make the move to SIP.   Remember that failure to migrate ahead of this deadline could result in the loss of voice communications, and major disruption to your organisation. To help you better […]
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