Prevent fraud & streamline caller authentication

Smartnumbers Protect is a unique cloud-based platform that uses AI and the power of community to help prevent contact centre fraud and authenticate customers in real time.

Contact centre security pre and post answering a call

Pre-answer analysis

Proactive caller analysis and risk assessment to enable faster authentication and fraud prevention before a call is answered. With our pre-answer analysis we:

Examine call signalling data to spot anomalies such as withheld numbers, number spoofing and calls from high risk numbers.

Analyse the caller information for numbers of confirmed fraudsters shared by the consortium.

Assign a risk score before the caller reaches the IVR or agent, enabling a friction-free experience for legitimate customers.

Post-call analysis

Mitigate fraud losses by establishing processes and gathering insight to protect your organisation and customers. With our post-call analysis, we help:

Prevent new cases of fraud by managing high risk callers, leaving low risk callers with a quick, seamless authentication experience in the IVR or with an agent.

Understand the true scale of fraud and identify trends with reports that give insight into fraudster behaviour.

Prevent fraud within the wider community by sharing fraud data with consortium members.

What our clients say about us

“With Smartnumbers, the bank has reduced friction in the customer journey and achieved an immense ROI by helping prevent multi-channel fraud, including card, online, and telephony fraud.”

Leading UK retail bank

Smartnumbers Protect: completing the fraud prevention picture

A cloud-hosted platform to help prevent contact centre fraud by assigning a risk score for each call before it arrives at the IVR or with an agent. The result: quicker authentication for genuine customers and prevention of fraud losses.


  • Integrate

     Integrate Smartnumbers into your current technology ecosystem:

    • Flexible APIs to connect with existing fraud detection platforms 
    • Native integrations available with some biometrics providers 
  • Detect

    Assess caller risk in real time

    • Analyse call signalling data for anomalies, such as spoofed or withheld numbers
    • Check call history for unusual behaviour, such as multiple repeat calls 
    • Identify caller details of known fraudsters shared by the consortium 


  • Identify

     Flag calls with a high, medium or low risk score based on:

    • Known fraudsters as flagged by other organisations in our consortium 
    • Unknown fraudsters with withheld or spoofed numbers 
    • Legitimate customers demonstrating normal caller behaviour
  • Investigate

    Create processes for handling calls based on risk levels, such as:

    • Streamline authentication steps for low risk customers
    • Increase potential for IVR call handling and free up agents
    • Divert high risk callers to specialist investigation teams
  • Prevent

    Help prevent wider fraud by tracking and sharing fraudster details: 

    • Mark calls as ‘genuine’ or ‘fraud’ to train our machine learning models to prevent future fraud
    • Create fraudster profiles to track MOs and share with fraud teams in other channels
    • Share data with the consortium to help prevent fraud in other organisations


Want to find out more?

Book a consultation with a Smartnumbers specialist to learn how we can help you fight contact centre fraud and streamline customer authentication.

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