A range of solutions that overlay both fixed and mobile networks enabling them to be deployed without changing your numbers, network or IT infrastructure.

Control calls into your organisation

Continue answering calls during periods of disruption and transformation.

Control calls for business continuity

Protect reputation and revenue during periods of disruption. Always-on phone line protection means you can be confident calls will always get through to the right person, no matter what happens.

Control calls through a transformation

Maintain critical telephone services and minimise disruption when changing where or how people are working.

Fraud prevention

Accurately identify suspicious calls pre-answer to prevent fraud and streamline ID&V processes.

Protecting contact centres from fraud

Reduce contact centre fraud and improve customer experience by identifying suspicious calls before you answer.


Manage business calls on your mobile

Simplify BYOD and remove the complexity of recording mobile calls and texts.

Service Providers

Secure storage as a service

Remove the complexity of securely storing call recordings and texts.