Our Solutions

Disruption and fraud costs organisations money and brand reputation

Our intelligent features ensure your voice network stays secure, reliable and compliant throughout the lifecycle of a call.
  • Identify and redirect suspicious calls pre-answer
  • Reduce ID&V questions to shorten call duration
  • Save time and money and improve your caller authentication
  • Spot fraudsters before answering the call
  • Flag and divert suspicious calls in real-time
  • Continually evolve and maintain control of your contact centre security
  • Automatically monitor and instantly divert calls
  • Pre-define alternative routing of calls
  • Enhance business continuity
  • Simplify moving offices by keeping your phone numbers 
  • Manage a risk free technical migration
  • Simplify number management
  • Simply manage business calls and texts on your personal phone
  • MIFID II compliant mobile call recording and texts
  • Securely store recordings
  • Frictionless caller authentication
  • Fraud prevention in the contact centre
  • Inbound call routing
  • Telecoms migration without risk
  • Smart mobile solutions
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