Fight fraud & simplify customer authentication

Our global SaaS solutions are designed to tackle fraud head-on by offering real-time fraud prevention and a seamless customer journey.

Prevent fraud in real-time

Identify high-risk callers before they even reach your contact centre with our AI technology.

  • Safeguard your customers and contact centre from fraud
  • Prevent fraud across multiple channels
  • Put effort where it matters – prioritise high-risk cases in real-time
  • Use the power of consortium to fight fraud together

Deliver on your customer experience

Bring ease and simplicity to the customer journey with our one-of-a-kind SaaS platform.

  • Use our risk score to quickly and securely authenticate customers 
  • Reduce – and even eliminate –  KBAs to speed up authentication 
  • Increase IVR self-servicing capabilities
  • Improve agent happiness and output 

Want to find out how Smartnumbers can help you?

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