• Automatic call rerouting
  • Call insights & analytics
  • Call routing

Smartnumbers Control

Complete call management removes the risk of telecoms migrations and ensures you never miss a call again.

Key Features

Secure web portal to control your inbound calls

  • Granular control of your inbound calls, down to the routing of each DDI.
  • Create dial plans to pre-define call delivery during periods of disruption.
  • Set announcement messages informing callers of any disruption giving you time to relocate to an alternative location.
  • Optimised for use on desktop and mobile devices, so you can instantly switch dial plans while in the office or away from your desk.

Real-time call analytics

  • Real-time insight for incoming calls, including total call volumes, reasons for call redirection and volume of suspicious calls.
  • Download details of calls that were rerouted to investigate vulnerabilities in your network.
  • Secure web portal to control your inbound calls
  • Real-time call analytics


Automatic call diversion

  • Monitor every incoming call, automatically redirecting calls if a network failure or congestion is detected.
  • Redirect calls until the problem is solved.
  • Deliver at least 99.999% reliability.

Dial plans

  • Route inbound calls to any dialable telephone number.
  • Create up to 9 dial plans to control routing in different scenarios.
  • Manage call routing by time of day or week.

Auto-attendant (IVR)

Provide an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to help route callers or play announcements to provide information such as opening hours or reassuring messages during disruptive events.

Nuisance call protection

  • Instant protection from nuisance and repeat callers overwhelming your phone lines.
  • Block callers even if they are spoofing or withholding their number.
  • Receive early warnings of attacks through proactively highlighted suspicious calls.

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