8th October 2018

Mobile network down? Smartnumbers has you covered

By Grant White

Never miss that critical call again. When the unexpected happens, like a network failure, answer your mobile calls on another phone using Smartnumbers Mobile.

Smartnumbers Mobile uses patented technology to put you in control of where to receive your business calls. With Smartnumbers Mobile, you are no longer restricted to answering calls to your business mobile number on just one device or using just one mobile carrier. With a touch of a button, you can quickly choose the phone you want to use to make and receive business calls. Whether it is your office desk phone, your home phone or another mobile, it’s your choice.

Next time your carrier’s mobile network grinds to a halt, your business won’t.

Find out more about Smartnumbers Mobile for BYOD or mobile call recording. Instructions for Smartnumbers Mobile users to route calls to alternative phones are on the Smartnumbers Help Centre.