1st March 2019

Safer communications for the public sector

By Grant White

During critical situations, citizens use the phone to seek urgent assistance. It is therefore essential to maintain telephone services through unforeseen events.

There are many risks that affect your ability to answer calls, such as adverse weather, technical failures, a power-dialler flooding your lines with calls or staff working away from their desks. The smartnumbers service puts you in control of your inbound calls and protects you from repeat callers.

Enhance business continuity

A sudden loss of inbound calls will affect your ability to provide services to citizens and damage trust. Damaged phone lines, technical failures in your local telephone exchange or a flood that stops you from accessing your offices can cause severe disruption.

The Smartnumbers service continuously monitors call delivery into your organisation, detects any failures in the voice network preventing successful call delivery, and then automatically diverts the call to a specified alternative location, such as a mobile or another office to navigate the problem.

Managing non-emergency repeat callers

Individuals who frequently call or spam callers, such as PPI diallers, divert call handlers time from genuine callers who require immediate emergency support. Repeat callers that harass agents can cause distress. Or callers with malicious intent such as criminals, scammers and hacktivists are targeting critical services to overload or crash public service telephone systems to cause havoc.

The Smartnumbers service examines more than 50 attributes of the Call DNATM to identify then divert or block repeat callers in real-time, freeing the line for callers who require immediate emergency support.

Mobile working

Providing the same level of service to callers when staff work away from the office can be difficult. Whether it is recording calls to mobile, routing calls to temporary phones or protecting the source of sensitive information for police services, Smartnumbers Mobile puts sophisticated business telephony onto any smartphone.