Smart mobile solutions

Simplify BYOD and mobile call recording

Key benefits

Automatically record business calls

Automatically record mobile calls and texts on any corporate-provided or personally-owned mobile device, whether for regulatory, compliance or dispute resolution. Keep personal conversations separate to comply with privacy laws such as GDPR.

Securely store recordings

Store call recordings in the cloud for as long as required to meet your data retention policies, and also the stringent MIFID II requirements, which require you to store recordings for up to seven years.

Simple discovery

Quickly locate call recordings, regardless of when the call took place. Access your calls anytime to monitor and replay recordings, even years after capture.


Quickly scale your record strategy to specific business units or different regions without the delay of implementing new infrastructure.

“Given the fact that a lot of communications are now outside the office, Smartnumbers means any correspondence we have is documented.”
Atif Latif, Guardian Stockbrokers
How Guardian Stockbrokers stays compliant on any device with Smartnumbers
Guardian Stockbrokers
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Smartnumbers Record

Record calls for compliance or business best practice. Recordings are stored securely in the cloud for as long as you need, depending on your data retention policy, or to comply with regulations such as MiFID II.
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