9th December 2020

Streamline customer authentication & prevent fraud in the contact centre

More than 60% of fraud touches the contact centre at least once. It’s a pervasive problem that poses challenges for the frontline staff receiving calls, to the senior management team implementing technology and processes to prevent fraud from happening. 

To help tackle this challenge, we’ve brought together some of the industry’s leading experts, brands and governing bodies (UK Finance, Nuance, TUFF, Cifas and Callsign) to share their advice on eradicating fraud.

Download the eBook to find out:

  • How you can successfully traverse the customer experience and fraud prevention tightrope and why you need to
  • Why education needs to be front and centre in your anti-fraud programme if you’re going to blunt its impact
  • The role of your technology ecosystem in streamlining authentication and protecting you from fraud
  • How and why you need to build cross-functional teams to tackle the threat to your contact centre and your customers