11th August 2021

Dealing with fraud in banking call centres

Fraudsters will abuse vulnerabilities to steal money and enrich themselves. These scammers continually look for new opportunities to perpetrate their crimes, flexing and adapting to the changing environment.

Sometimes, preventing fraud can feel like an alarming version of the ‘whack-a-mole’ game – as soon as one control weakness is strengthened, another emerges for fraudsters to abuse. 

In this guide, we explain why banking contact centres are still highly vulnerable to fraudulent activity, comprising one of a number of attack vectors that criminals are using to steal significant amounts of money from innocent customers


  • Telephone banking in the digital era
  • Fraud in contact centres
  • Account takeover fraud
  • Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud
  • How do fraudsters do it?
  • Preventing fraud
  • Defence in depth