3rd September 2020

Begin your migration to SIP today

With the impending PSTN and ISDN network switch off in 2025, now is the time to review your current voice architecture and make the move to SIP.  

Remember that failure to migrate ahead of this deadline could result in the loss of voice communications, and major disruption to your organisation.

To help you better understand the full potential of SIP trunking, and how to manage the process, we’ve pulled together this comprehensive SIP Migration Guide.

Download your copy to find out: 

  • How you can realise cost savings, and minimise business disruption by starting your SIP migration process now
  • How to evaluate your current infrastructure and build a comprehensive plan for migration
  • Our top tips for conducting and rolling out your SIP migration 
  • How to evaluate the success of your migration, and its short and long term impact on your organisation