• Behavioural analysis
  • Call insights & analytics
  • Call routing
  • Fraud consortium

Call Security

Preventing fraud in the contact centre by identifying suspicious calls and authenticating legitimate customers before you answer. This enables you to divert potentially fraudulent calls to specialist teams and create a frictionless caller experience for genuine customers.

Key features

Real-time reporting & visual insights

  • We flag potentially fraudulent calls, and provide you with real-time reports to show why they are high risk. 
  • Using Smartnumbers Call DNA™, our reports show details on suspicious characteristics and geographic sources of calls. This enables you to identify trends and changes in fraudulent behaviour, for example: 
    • The number of calls received and the number of high-risk calls. 
    • Visual representations of the volume, type and the country of origin of suspicious calls. 
    • Carrier level call meta-data and risk indicators for every call. 

Fraud consortium

  • We provide you with proactive, real-time protection from confirmed fraudsters who have attacked other Smartnumbers users.
  • As a Smartnumbers customer, you receive instant access to the fraud consortium, a dedicated telephone fraud network, focused on sharing fraud intelligence to spot emerging contact centre fraud threats. 
  • The fraud consortium allows you to share and receive details about validated fraudsters in real-time, enabling you to keep track of changing malicious behaviour within your industry and cross-sector.

Fraud investigate

  • Our fraud investigate capability provides insight into the scale and behaviour of individual fraudsters. 
  • Smartnumbers Call DNA™ technology creates a unique profile of each caller. This can be used to discover related calls from the same fraudster even when they have withheld their phone number. It also enables you to identify other accounts they have targeted. 
  • Real-time reporting & visual insights
  • Fraud consortium
  • Fraud investigate


Call DNA™ analysis

  • Smartnumbers patented Call DNA™ technology assigns a risk score to calls by examining more than 200 features derived from carrier-level call signalling data.
  • Each incoming call is tagged in real-time with the level of risk the call represents, such as:
    • Spoofed numbers
    • Withheld calls
    • Calls from bad actors, including calls where the presentation ID is withheld
    • Calls from international locations
    • Suspicious behaviour such as repeat calls, especially from withheld numbers

Actionable call risk score

  • We assign each incoming call with a fraud risk score in real-time using the Call DNA™ risk model that has been created by analysing millions of calls.
  • Calls that surpass the risk threshold can be sent to a diverted call route depending on your policy.

Simple implementation

Smartnumbers is network agnostic and cloud-based so doesn’t require any new equipment. We work with your telecoms provider and use your existing telecoms infrastructure, so no changes are required to your inbound telephony system.

Call management

  • We enable you to manage suspicious calls and control / limit the volume of diverted calls to ensure specialist teams aren’t overwhelmed.
  • Control if potentially fraudulent calls should be redirected or not.
  • Configure the routing of trusted and high-risk calls for each customer facing number.
  • Manage the volume of suspicious calls that are diverted per hour.

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