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Smartnumbers Mobile

Recording calls for compliance. Recordings are stored securely in the cloud for as long as you need, depending on your data retention policy, or to comply with regulations such as MiFID II, which require you to store recordings for seven years.

Key features

Simple discovery with a single view

  • Smartnumbers provides a single console that enables you to quickly locate your recordings regardless of when the call took place.
  • The Smartnumbers rapid search capability enables specific calls to be instantly located, even years after capture.
  • Calls are indexed using rich metadata such as call parties, date and time.
  • Smartnumbers provides a real-time portal to monitor and replay recordings.

Cloud-based platform

  • Smartnumbers is a native cloud application that simplifies call recording while removing the costs associated with managing on-premise infrastructure.
  • As Smartnumbers is cloud-based it enables rapid search across all call recordings, no matter where and when the call was recorded. It also enables you to quickly scale your record strategy to specific business units or different regions without the delay of implementing new infrastructure. 

Secure and compliant storage

  • Smartnumbers is a secure, read-only archive which provides long-term storage.
  • Call recordings are archived in the cloud with the ability to store recordings in specific geographies to meet data sovereignty requirements or with different retention policies as mandated by regional regulations.
  • All data, including recordings and metadata, are encrypted in transit using TLS and at rest using AES 256.
  • Files are signed with HMAC before storage and all access to these files is captured in an audit log to ensure tamper evidence can be provided.
  • Data retention periods can be configured for each geography or business unit to meet regional regulations.
  • Simple discovery with a single view
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Secure and compliant storage


Robust call recording

  • Smartnumbers records the call while it is in the network. This ensures the integrity, reliability and accuracy of all call recordings, and removes the reliance on local infrastructure so calls aren’t missed.
  • Smartnumbers is network carrier agnostic and able to capture calls even if you’re using multiple network operators.

Complements your ecosystem

  • Recordings can be captured and stored in the Smartnumbers service, or exported to your chosen compliance solution.
  • Alternatively, call recordings can be imported into Smartnumbers for storage and to provide a single interface to quickly locate recordings that would otherwise be siloed in different systems.

Data assurance and compliance

  • Data can be stored in multiple data centres in each region with multiple layers of operational and physical security.
  • Data is compliant with global data protection regulations.
  • The Smartnumbers platform is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited.

Secure mobile call recording

  • iOS or Android app – no need to change networks or install a new SIM.
  • Record calls on any corporate-provided or personally-owned device.
  • Automatically encrypt calls and texts to the highest standards of security and store in the cloud. Files are tamper-proof once stored so you stay compliant.

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