27th February 2024

Data sheet
Smartnumbers Protect: Preventing fraud and streamlining caller authentication

Smartnumbers’ cloud-based solutions leverage AI to help protect organisations from fraud by ensuring their contact centres stay secure. Read the data sheet to find out more.

The challenge

Research shows that 61% of fraud cases involve the contact centre, with inbound calls to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems or agents playing a key role in different stages of the fraud lifecycle.

Fraudsters use the relative vulnerability of contact centres not just for telephony fraud, but also to validate stolen account data, harvest further information or prepare an account for attack (for example, by changing an address) before going on to commit fraud in other channels.

Yet typical fraud prevention and customer authentication approaches can be time-consuming and unreliable, requiring callers to remember lots of details and putting undue pressure on agents.

The Smartnumbers solution:

The most efficient way to spot fraudulent activity in the contact centre is to assess calls before they are answered. Smartnumbers’ unique cloud-based technology works in real time to assign a risk score for each call by analysing call signalling patterns, examining caller behaviour and checking ‘consortium data’ (our database of known fraudsters). The risk score enables contact centres to handle high risk calls separately and streamline caller authentication for genuine customers.