We’ve recently introduced a new feature to Smartnumbers mobile – call delegation. Now you can fine-tune your management of messages and calls even further.

Here’s a look at the top three things you can do with this handy new feature.

1. Delegate calls to colleagues

With the new call delegation feature, you now have an extra way to ensure those important calls are answered, even if you’re unable to answer them yourself.
You can now redirect your calls to a colleague.

Press the ‘delegate’ button and you’re given the option to search for a colleague in your Smartnumbers directory to direct calls to, or manually type in any number – whether a mobile or a landline number.

2. Choose how to answer your delegated calls

If a colleague decides to delegate their calls to you, don’t worry about being flooded with calls if you’re busy – it’s in your hands how you handle them.

When you receive a delegated call from a Smartnumbers user you hear a message about the inbound call so you can decide the appropriate action. Press star to accept the call, or let it go to your colleague’s voicemail.

3. Enable call screening for delegated calls only

It may not be appropriate to answer your delegated calls right away, but you may need to continue answering your own calls from prospects or colleagues as usual. The call delegation feature gives you the option to only screen calls that are delegated to you.

This way you have precise control over how to deal with different types of incoming calls, enabling you to ‘filter’ calls by importance.