Control calls through a transformation

Maintain critical telephone services and minimise disruption when changing where or how people are working.

Keep your numbers no matter where you move

Reduce the complexity of moving offices. Simply and cost-effectively take your business phone numbers when you move, avoiding any potential disruption to incoming calls that could cost you customers.

De-risk technical migration

Moving from traditional to IP based telephony often creates periods of disruption and network downtime. Complex telephone infrastructure, such as a mixture of ISDN or SIP connectivity, spread across multiple sites increases the risk of disruption.

Number management and consolidation

Remove the complexity of managing number ranges, even if they are from multiple network operators by simply redirecting calls to where staff are working.

“All staff kept their same phone number and most people simply weren’t aware that the change was happening. It was a 100 per cent success; there was no negative feedback at all. An added benefit is that Smartnumbers will support and de-risk migration to SIP trunks.”

Guy Wyckmans, Category Supply Manager, Cisco

How Smartnumbers puts you in control of your inbound calls through transformation

Smartnumbers Control provides complete management of your incoming calls DDI to DDI to minimise disruption through transformation.

“Smartnumbers provide a resilient service, which ensures that genuine life or death calls will always be received and answered.”

Alan Kench, Telecoms Officer, Northampton Borough Council/LGSS

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