Smartnumbers Protect

Protect your contact centres by identifying suspicious calls before you answer.


As an Ofcom regulated UK network provider, we have privileged access to call signalling data. Inspecting calls in the carrier network enables Smartnumbers to complete detailed analysis to identify suspicious calls before the call touches your telecoms infrastructure.


Smartnumbers examines more than 50 attributes of the Call DNATM in real-time to identify suspicious calls pre-answer, before the call enters the IVR and before speaking with a contact centre agent. Typical suspicious calls include, repeat callers, caller ID spoofing, and VoIP and international calls. 


Smartnumbers can action suspicious calls to different workflows, for example:


  • Pre-answer agent notification to highlight the call’s risk level.
  • Automatically route suspicious calls to specialist fraud team for additional scrutiny.
  • On-demand reports provide insight into the proportion and type of suspicious calls.

Benefits of Smartnumbers for fraud prevention

Reduce contact centre fraud, improve customer experience and improve operational efficiency by identifying suspicious calls before you answer.

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