Smartnumbers Control

Putting you in control of your inbound numbers, to ensure you never miss a call

Powerful call management

Smartnumbers provides convenient and secure management of your inbound calls, down to the routing of each DDI to alternative desk phones, mobile or an announcement service. Diversions can be activated instantly via an easy-to-use web portal or a phone call.

Automatic call failover

Smartnumbers monitors every incoming call, automatically redirecting calls if a network failure or congestion is detected. In the event of call redirection, all calls will be handled in the same way until the problem is resolved.

Dial plans

Routing of inbound calls to reflect different scenarios to avoid business disruption can be defined through dial plans. Design, review and edit dial plans through the online portal or bulk changes can be designed offline and uploaded.

Control calls into your organisation

Continue answering calls during periods of disruption by controlling where your inbound calls are delivered.

Control calls to enhance business continuity

Complete management of your incoming calls, DDI by DDI, and automatic call diversion ensures you never miss a call.

Control calls through a transformation

Maintain critical telephone services and minimise disruption when changing where or how people are working.

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