Simplify BYOD with two numbers on one mobile. Easily manage business calls and texts on your personal mobile, empowering staff to work from the device they want to use.

Slash mobile costs

Reduce the cost of corporate mobile devices – with BYOD employees pay for their own devices, personal calls and texts. Now you can free your organisation from hardware support and IT operational expenses.

Stop spending money on inaccurate stipends and reimbursement claims by automatically separating the billing for business and personal calls.

Boost staff productivity

Give staff the flexibility to use the mobile they are familiar with and work most effectively on. No need to carry, use, charge or manage two phones.

Start benefiting from a more productive, more engaged and happier workerforce. Attract talent and meet the demands of the tech-savvy Millennial workforce with a responsive mobile policy that allows them to use the up-to-date devices and apps they want.

Manage business and personal calls from the same device

Staff no longer need to carry two phones to separate their business and personal communications.

Manage when you answer business calls and keep your personal number private with a separate mobile number for your personal and business identities.

How BYOD works

Mobile call recording MiFID II

Download to any device

Download app to any iOS or Android phone – no need to change networks or install a new SIM.

Automatic call recorder

Use corporate mobile number

Provide staff with a second number on their mobiles that keeps business calls and texts separate. Present only the business number to clients and customers.

call recording and monitoring software

Automatically split bills

Automatically bill calls and texts to the company, so no more time-consuming reimbursement claims. Eliminate admin burden.

Interested in BYOD?

" smartnumbers allows us to provide an improved level of service to our customers, enabling them to reach help as quickly and efficiently as possible. ”

Jane Gee,
Customer Support Manager, Safran

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