Vanilla Plus: How Brexit will impact on UK travellers in Europe’s new roaming-free zone

February 1st saw the European Union (EU) clearing the final hurdle that will mean the end of roaming charges for calls, SMS and data across Europe.

By summer 2017, individuals using their mobile phones when roaming across the EU cannot be charged more for calls, SMS and data than they are charged when using these services their home country.

And with that, says James Foley, head of Customer Experience for Resilient, the perils of bill shock for those who use their phones while on holiday or business abroad finally comes to an end.

Besides the obvious question of why on earth it has taken so long for the EU to agree to a regulation that was so clearly in the interest of consumers, the next question will be what happens to roaming charges once Brexit happens – and then more globally, what will be the impact on our roaming charges as the UK seeks new business deals from partners and countries across the world…

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