Top four high street bank streamlines their corporate mobile estate and enable MiFID II compliance with smartnumbers


London, 31 July 2018 – Resilient plc is pleased to announce that one of the top four high street banks has implemented smartnumbers to enable BYOD across their mobile estate. In a significant evolution from the way mobile phones are traditionally provided to staff, and the high costs associated with this approach, the bank is embracing BYOD both to reduce costs, and to give staff more flexibility in how they manage their mobility options. This provides significant benefits both to the bank and to staff:

  • – Cost reduction. Reduce the cost of their mobile estate, while increasing the convenience for staff who no longer need to carry two mobile phones.
  • – Increase efficiency. Business mobile calls are automatically charged to the bank.
  • – Maintain staff privacy.Provide staff a separate business mobile number they can use on their personal mobile to keep their personal number private.
  • – Number retention. Should staff leave the bank, they take their personal mobile number with them while the bank retains the business number known by clients.

The smartnumbers mobile service is a cloud-based mobile platform that simplifies BYOD adoption by enabling the enterprise to add a business mobile number to employee owned mobile phones. Staff can easily manage business calls and texts on their personal mobile, empowering staff to work from the device they want and automatically bill business use to the bank, boosting productivity and lowering mobility costs.

The smartnumbers mobile service will be used to support compliance with MiFIDII as regulated individuals will have their business calls, texts and voicemails recorded whether these are made on corporate or personal devices. To comply with GDPR, smartnumbers ensures that while business calls are recorded, personal calls remain private.

“We are proud that a significant high-street bank is adopting our smartnumbers services for this strategically important project”, says Geoffrey Paterson, Chairman & CEO of Resilient plc. “As the bank has found, providing staff with a corporate mobile is not only costly to the business, but it’s inconvenient for staff.”

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