C-suite career advice: James Foley, Resilient plc

What was the most valuable piece of career advice that you received?

One of the most valuable career lessons I’ve learned in the past 25 years, is about the importance of work-life balance. Robert Widener is an American tech visionary I admire greatly, and he used to say that to be successful, one should spend a third of their life for work commitments, one third for play and the rest for personal or professional fulfilment.

Today’s always-on work culture, however, rarely allows such perfect work-life balance to be achieved, which means one’s personal or professional development can suffer. Nonetheless, the nine to five Monday to Friday model is increasingly becoming outdated and the standard eight-hour workday is more often associated with a lack of engagement and productivity in the workplace – especially in creative and entrepreneurial businesses.

A growing number of businesses are adopting new technology, such as cloud-based services, secure remote server connection, or applications that allow business and personal calls to be made from the same device. These organisations have embraced flexible working as a key asset for attracting and retaining talent. Promoting such practices enables people to be innovative, be themselves, and ultimately perform better at work. This in turn improves their work-life balance and general well-being…

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