Secure communications storage as a service

Removing the complexity of securely storing call recordings and texts for Service Providers.

Meet the growing demand for secure, cloud-based storage

While there is an increasing need to record calls for compliance, quality control or dispute resolution, customers are turning to the cloud to remove the burden and cost of on-premise equipment. The Smartnumbers secure cloud storage provides the ability to add secure storage and discoverability to your portfolio in days not months.

Resilient and secure platform

Store data at the highest levels of security in the Smartnumbers platform, which is used by more than a 1,000 organisations to deliver their most critical services. Data is encrypted with AES 256 and is fully partitioned to ensure absolute privacy.

Grow new revenues

Increase the ARPU by adding secure storage to your call recording portfolio, while simple usage-based pricing structure doesn’t require upfront CAPEX investment. The white labelled discoverability portal can incorporate your brand to create a stickier proposition.

How Smartnumbers secure storage works

Simple implementation

A RESTful API quickly adds secure storage to existing products.

Secure storage

Calls and texts are encrypted using AES 256 and securely stored in the cloud. Files are tamper-proof once stored, so customers stay compliant.


Customers monitor and replay recordings through a white labelled discovery portal.

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