Office Moves

Reduce the complexity of moving offices. Simply and cost-effectively take your business phone numbers when you move, avoiding any potential disruption to incoming calls that could cost you customers.

Take your numbers anywhere

Simply redirect your published numbers to anywhere in the UK. Avoid the need to inform customers, suppliers and partners of new numbers.

Now you can tick telecoms off your office move move checklist, with a simple way to take your numbers with you anywhere in the UK.

Minimise disruption

Ensure that not a single call is missed. Resilient’s smartnumbers give you complete control during a move, so you can easily divert incoming calls to temporary locations or mobile phones should unforeseen problems occur.

Take control of your numbers by storing them in the smartnumbers cloud, so your essential business calls are protected through any move or technology change.

Work flexibly

Shed your reliance on desk phones and empower your employees to work more flexibly. Use the smartnumbers service after your move to provide agile number management from the cloud.

With smartnumbers, your business numbers are no longer dependent on location or device, giving you the freedom to take calls from anywhere.

How Office Moves works

Mobile call recording MiFID II

Move your numbers to the cloud

Virtualise your numbers so that they are protected from disruption and you can take them anywhere, whatever infrastructure you have in place.

Automatic call recorder

Point numbers to your new location

Divert your calls to your new premises while continuing to present the geographic numbers your customers and partners know.

call recording and monitoring software

Manage your move in phases or all at once

Choose to move everyone in one go, or stagger your move. You control whether to move people and their individual numbers all at once or in phases to minimise disruption.

Interested in Office Moves?

" smartnumbers provide a resilient service, which ensures that genuine life or death calls will always be received and answered. ”

Alan Kench,
Telecoms Officer, Northampton Borough Council/LGSS

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