Living Bridge is a private equity partnership that invests in profitable small to medium-sized UK businesses. With a team spread across the UK, Living Bridge needed an efficient voice network to support the mobility of its investment professionals and ensure communication between regional sites.

In addition, Living Bridge wanted a directory to enable staff to communicate while on the move, visiting clients or working from home, without resorting to a long list of mobile numbers.

Living Bridge also needed a service with in-built business continuity, to provide peace of mind against call interruption or failure.

Before discovering the smartnumbers option, Living Bridge believed that these attributes would only be attainable if it invested in a costly IP telephony system and managed it in-house.


Living Bridge deployed Smartnumbers to enable staff to communicate effectively no matter their location.

Hosting its published DDI’s in the cloud gives it flexibility and control over where it chooses to route calls in any circumstances, whether to a mobile, office or employee’s home.

Not only this, but an integrated directory service shows the location and availability of staff – crucial to enabling a mobile workforce to communicate effectively with each other.

“Smartnumbers is the perfect answer to our needs. It not only protects our reputation, but also our revenue, in a crisis.”
Matt Hernandez, Living Bridge


The Smartnumbers service now enables staff at Living Bridge to communicate when on the move, visiting clients or working from home, all without requiring any extra equipment.

The disaster recovery capability provides the business with the confidence of knowing that calls to and from clients will continue to reach the right people, whatever the circumstances.

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