ICAS is a leading provider of employee support and behavioural risk management services supporting more than 1.5 million employees in over 700 companies worldwide.

The organisation provides post-trauma employee counselling following events such as assaults and terrorist attacks, employing in-house telephone counsellors at its Glasgow and Milton Keynes offices on a part-time shift basis.

To provide more flexible work conditions, ICAS wanted to increase the use of home-based counsellors that would be available at night when the offices are closed.


Smartnumbers service provides ICAS with intelligent call queuing and routing to voicemail, flexible working functionality and management information (MI) reporting.

ICAS can now centrally administer how calls are delivered to all office and home-based counsellors, making it as easy to connect night-time callers with home-based specialists as it is to connect day-time callers with office-based counsellors.

When clients call, smartnumbers can direct them to the most appropriate counsellor available, informing the counsellor via a whisper alert so they know who’s calling and can respond to each individual.

“Smartnumbers is reliable, flexible and easy-to-use. If telephony is lost, smartnumbers ensures that calls are rerouted.”
Dawn Mellor, Manager, ICAS Telephone Counselling Centre


With smartnumbers, ICAS is able to deliver an improved and more efficient service to clients by directing callers to the most appropriate counsellors, whether office-based or at home. Counsellors can better manage work-life balance by working as flexibly as they need.

Should telephony be lost at both offices, the system ensures callers will always get through to a home-based counsellor, providing protection against disruption in any cirumstances.

Furthermore, ICAS has access to detailed call statistics to facilitate 24/7 cover with minimal waste.

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