Protecting contact centres with fraud prevention

The UK financial industry lost £732 million in 2017 to fraud according to UK Finance. While cyber security is constantly improving, contact centres are increasingly seen as the weak link in the fight against fraud, so telephone fraud is a growing challenge. The ability for your contact centre agents to identify suspicious callers before speaking with them reduces the risk of phone fraud and reduces average handle times. This improves customer experience and improves contact centre productivity by serving customers quicker.


  • Reduce financial loss: Protect your brand reputation and avoid account takeovers by accurately identifying suspicious callers before speaking with an agent.
  • Improve customer experience: Reduce customer frustration by identifying and redirecting suspicious calls pre-answer, streamlining authentication of genuine callers.
  • Improve operational efficiency: Rapidly gain ROI as smartnumbers is network agnostic, simplifying implementation. Reducing agent handling times and optimising payment workflows.