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In 2020, a study found that a total of 76% of banking fraud is committed through internet banking and 13.8% through mobile channels. The third most common type is fraud through the contact centre, at 10.2%. When planning a fraud prevention strategy, banks typically focus on protecting digital banking channels. But what these numbers don’t […]
Just like everyone else, the Smartnumbers team have spent the best part of the eighteen months working from our beds, kitchens and spare rooms. Before the pandemic, we’d never have imagined that remote working could actually… work – or, at least, not this well. But with great challenges comes great innovation – and we’ve all […]
The COVID-19 pandemic created a perfect storm for scams, with nuisance calls and messages increasing by 27% in just four months at the end of 2020. Through credible caller IDs and threatening messages, fraudsters may claim they’re from HMRC, Amazon, or Test and Trace – all with the intention of stealing information and dupe people out […]
Fraudsters are prepared to exploit any possible vulnerability in your bank’s defences as they strive to take advantage of your customers and obtain funds unlawfully. Not taking this threat seriously has a significant price: UK Finance reports that, in 2020, unauthorised financial losses due to card, remote banking and cheque fraud in the UK totaled […]
One of the most common challenges in the contact centre environment is getting access to real-time validation of the caller’s true identity.  With number spoofing and withheld numbers being more frequent, it’s impossible for most contact centres to reliably say a customer is who they claim to be. This has made it difficult to build […]
In an increasingly globalised world where each generation is more socially aware than the last, mobility and equality are often cited as two of the biggest challenges of our time. We believe it is up to us as business leaders to not only recognise this but find ways to empower young people and provide working […]
With COVID-19 causing disruption on a global scale, organisations face mounting challenges to continue business as usual while finding new ways to securely interact with their customers.  However, fraudsters are launching increasingly advanced attacks against contact centres to take advantage of vulnerabilities caused by this shift. As the gatekeeper between customer and business, contact centre […]
Over the last year, fraud cases have risen sharply, with 57% of organisations reporting an increase in fraud attacks in the contact centre and 80% now seeing fraud as a very serious issue.  As a result, identification and verification (IDV) processes have become longer. In fact, research suggests that the IDV process now takes 30% […]
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